Real Results for Real Property

By Anita Suson on April 21, 2023

The world of real estate, whether commercial or residential, is complex and often requires the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced real estate attorney. McGarvey PLLC recently resolved two very contentious and complex real estate matters for clients. Unfortunately, these types of issues are more common than you might think and complex legal matters require expertise to navigate.

In one instance, inherited real property came with real challenges. A recent matter involved the transactional sale of inherited property that had 8 purchase money and abstracts of judgment liens against it, exceeding the $1,000,000 purchase price by over $400,000. The expert team led by Anita Suson successfully negotiated with the lienholders reducing the amount of payouts by 35%. Ultimately, the heirs received almost $90,000 instead of having to pay out-of-pocket to satisfy the previous debt. In remarking on the diligent efforts of McGarvey’s Anita Suson, the client noted, Anita was relentless in her efforts to help the family with an overwhelmingly complicated real estate issue. If it weren’t for McGarvey PLLC, I would be in a world of financial hurt. – Davis B.

Another real estate issue surrounding real property and its disposition involved a family settlement between multiple heirs to two pieces of inherited property. The McGarvey team represented two heirs who received $125,000 from the 3rd heir in a buy-out. McGarvey’s Anita Suson expertly negotiated the buy-out price for the heirs which was 50% higher than the original settlement offer. Thank you for your help and care, Anita. I don’t think you realize the role you’re playing in this decades-long, very destructive to our family saga, but you are appreciated more than words can convey.The respect you’ve shown my dad and aunt is appreciated on every level. – Amanda W.

The McGarvey team has seen it all — from inherited real estate that can put a family at odds to purchasing or selling a property to determining title and beyond — and has the experience and know-how to resolve your real estate matters, whatever they may be. Contact McGarvey PLLC today

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